Shiatsu is an ancient, effective means of treatment and rehabilitation

Originally a Japanese massage technique, today shiatsu is a form of preventive medicine in Asia. Asian medicine holds that illness is the result of blocked "energy." Through pressure points in the hands and fingers, these blocks are removed. Shiatsu is perfect after a cardio training session to eliminate the buildup of lactic acid, or following a martial arts or goritsa session for easier memorization of new gestures. 

A shiatsu massage focuses on pressure points along the acupuncture lines: stretching, brushing, and strong, light and concentrated pressure. The aim is to achieve overall harmony throughout the body. 

Shiatsu can also be specifically adapted for different needs: 

- Athletes: coordination, relaxation, dynamic muscle stimulation;

- Pregnant women: relief of lower back pain, fatigue and leg pain;

- Heavy leg relief;

- Stress management and treatment of insomnia.

Shiatsu is a 100% customized body treatment. Our masseuses and masseurs will tune in to your specific needs and engage their expertise to balance and energize your mind and body


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