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Optimal physical preparation with a personal trainer in Paris

After a personalized assessment to determine your goals and physical capacities, our trainer may suggest you do some physical preparation. Physical preparation is the starting point for all athletic activities, beginning with generalized training to improve overall qualities such as reflexes and muscle tone. 

After that, a more specialized program is designed to focus on the requirements of the chosen sport.


Cross fitnessCross fit

A fully optimized training method for strength, speed and endurance. By alternating exercises, different muscle groups are trained simultaneously, for greater motivation, reflexes and cardiorespiratory capacity.

Renforcement musculaireMuscle Building

Increase muscle mass and tone your tendons, ligaments and bone structure. Improve your cardiovascular endurance. 

core trainingCore training

Develop your "center," or area of the body that supports all movement, including the deep muscle and stabilizing muscle groups. 


Running, biking, obstacle courses, or fitness. Stimulate your cardiovascular system, the best way to lose weight. 

SilhouetteBody Shaping

These courses focus on the abs, legs and buttocks. Coaches will use light weights, resistance bands, sticks and medicine balls to help you lose weight. 


Dynamic exercises and various kinds of stretching will utilize your strengths and create the right amount of tension to improve your flexibility. 

Momentum Personal Trainers offers this wide range of physical preparation disciplines with different goals in mind, such as losing weight, body sculpting, more freedom of movement, better breathing, and stress management

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