Here's a totally new, completely safe combat experience : MMA or Mixed Martial Arts

THE in sport! It's based on a single question: what's the best martial art ? Over time, martial arts practitioners have realized the shortcomings of their sports; when a kickboxer is thrown to the ground, suddenly he's in unknown territory! And when a judoka takes a hook to the jaw, he can hardly strike back with a stomach throw! Little by little, this new combination of styles has come into its own, as a response to the blending of many different techniques. MMA combines standing styles such as English, American, Thai or French boxing, karate and taekwondo with throwing and grappling techniques such as Brazilian ju-jitsu, wrestling, judo or sambo. You may combine this exercise experience with self defense classes to expand your knowledge of combat sports, and breathing yoga to better manage your emotions, especially fear. 


MMA is the sport we recommend, to learn to defend yourself against any type of opponent. 

MMA will sculpt your body like an athlete's. 

MMA will really get you in shape, through its efficient emphasis on cross fitness and cross training techniques.



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