Freedom and action


This unique method aims to build body awareness and freedom through movement, creating a link between intention and action. Any and everyone can increase their sense of well-being through Free Move, both in reducing day-to-day pains such as back and knee discomfort in the morning, or sitting too long, as well as developing better overall life awareness, to become a better artist, manager, or athlete. 

The "playful" aspect is emphasized in this method, to sharpen curiosity and try things without fear. The more conscious and refined your senses become, the more efficient your inner self will be. 

Our instructors will help you with such tasks as:

- Forming a mental picture of your gestures and understanding their implications on movement;

- Experimenting with changing your focus and understanding the movements that implies;

- Trying different breathing techniques to increase flexibility and movement range of the ribcage;

- Developing awareness of your center and hip area, the source of your power;

- Using your leg strength to connect to the rest of your body;

- Moving around in a given space while having fun and testing motor capacities.

An individual is the sum of many parts, thus the body, and the movements which illustrate its condition, are natural elements that can be used to correct functional or motor difficulties as well as psychic and social issues. Our highly qualified instructors will show you which doors to open, but it is up to you to cross the threshold. You must take an active role, and individual effort is crucial. 

This method targets movement professionals such as athletes and dancers, as well as people who want to live a better life, at virtually any age. Training always includes breathing exercises to maintain the inner calm necessary for precise, attentive inner observation. You'll soon realize that you're currently using far less than your actual listening potential; thus you'll come to a better understanding of your own potential by re-evaluating your self-image. The near-immediate results of this method are more precision and efficiency in movement, improved breathing and expanded motor skills. Free Move is also great for stimulating your intellectual faculties and learning mechanisms, which will fall into place more easily. 

The teaching method is essentially more important than the subject matter here; practitioners will quickly learn to train alone and enjoy discovering the different aspects of Free Move with a trainer, alone or in a group. You'll learn to make progress on your own, through your own awareness and feelings; the teacher's role is limited to lending a hand and advising you when needed. The practical applications of this method range from pain management to rehab for seniors, increased vocal capacity for singers, and better game perception for soccer or basketball players. 



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