Better health is at your fingertips, through chiropractic !

Chiropractic is a health program based on touch, sensitive listening and understanding the body's signals. Treatment includes prevention, diagnosis and therapy for real or imagined mechanical issues of the neuromusculoskeletal apparatus, especially the spinal column, and aims to increase overall day-to-day wellness. The therapeutic and preventive aspects of this method present a sound alternative to medication, with proven results in treating back pain and arthritis. Our chiropractors will establish a plan of action for each patient to stay as healthy as possible. They will also devise therapy and prevention programs to create better habits. 

Chiropractic is especially effective for people suffering from neuromuscularskeletal issues such as back pain, sciatica, rheumatism, headaches, shoulder, wrist, hand or hip pain, tendonitis or other spinal or joint problems. Such great athletes as Andre Agassi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sébastien Loeb and the AC Milan soccer team, as well as amateurs the world over, have made chiropractic a key part of their physical preparation. By focusing on neuromuscular and joint functions, chiropractic allows the body to adapt to exertion, in order to increase performance and better recuperate afterwards. Chiropractic is also useful for pregnant women, both in relieving back pain and in preparing to give birth under the best possible conditions. This method is also effective in meeting the specific needs of seniors, in terms of pain management and debilitating illness. Our chiropractors use specific treatment and prevention techniques to relieve pain and arthritic symptoms as well as postoperative pain. To balance out this method for optimal well-being, we suggest shiatsu or reflexology sessions.  


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