Momentum Personal Trainer

Momentum Personal Trainers is a network of in-home physical coaches operating mostly in and near Paris. This fully licensed organization offers in-home exercise classes ranging from different fitness workouts to sport-specific training (such as cardio, cross fitness, or muscle building) as well as martial arts (including self defense, MMA, boxing, Krav Maga, KAPAP and Systema).

"Know your limits, then go beyond them!"

With in-home personal trainers, the results are guaranteed. It's your personal trainer's job to make you aware of things you never imagined. Our personal trainers in Paris will monitor your progress, motivate you to surpass your own expectations, and inspire you to reach your goals quickly and safely. 

The personal trainer will do more than set up your exercise regime; he'll make each training session unforgettable. He'll not only ask you to do repetitions or finish the treadmill program; he'll see that you do each exercise correctly, using your strengths and weaknesses.

The personal trainer is more than a coach who gets you to exercise; he's a trained professional who has mastered the physiological aspects of exercise; he also understands the psychological and behavioral aspects, which are equally important in maintaining an exercise regime and reaching goals. 

The physical preparation coach can adapt his approach, style of communication  and methods to every student, for optimal use of the time available. He'll focus on you 100%.

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