Find your "center" through core training!

The "core" is the foundation for all movement, combining all the deep and stabilizing muscles. A fully-functioning "center" is essential for maintaining balance throughout the phasic chain (for fluidity of movement). 

The "center" can be divided into 2 categories: 

1- A deeply-embedded stabilizing system; and

2- A superficial system that governs the main movements.

The foundation and stabilizing system should be developed first, to provide a solid base on which to build efficiently. With this in mind, your Momentum personal trainer will start by emphasizing the central muscles of the torso, hip area and spinal column. As movements are essentially initiated by the transverse muscles, we will first stabilize the hip area and support the torso.

The Momentum personal trainers will help you maintain the right positions and concentrate on the weakest muscles. This method can benefit any and everyone, especially people with occasional or chronic back problems. For pregnant women, these exercises shield against incontinence, strengthen the perineum, and aid in regulating intestinal flora. You may choose to combine core training with dynamic stretching or shiatsu massage. 

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