Nutrition is the fuel of life !

Our nutritionists and dietitians analyze the correlation between your diet and your health. They will help you set your goals and create the necessary tools to maintain your weight and get in shape, to improve and preserve your health. 

Our dietitians will adapt to your needs and help you create a healthier lifestyle by bringing a better dietary balance to your day-to-day activities. They will help you develop the right reflexes and avoid "cheating."

Eating right yields mental as well as physical benefits, for overall well-being. For athletes, diet plays a primary role. Nutrition directly contributes to performance. It varies during training and competition, contributing to physical capacities and driving the athlete toward his or her goals. In weight-loss programs, regular physical exercise such as cardio training and cross fitness is just as important as nutrition, to ensure the body is getting the right nutrients and micronutrients at the right time. Your dietitian/nutritionist will also assist you in dealing with such illnesses as diabetes, high cholesterol or eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. As diet depends on population and individual goals, only a health professional specializing in nutrition can advise you and devise programs according to your needs. Our dietitians' sensitivity and communication skills, in addition to their know-how, will create the best possible conditions for meeting your goals. 


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