Body expression : free yourself while better managing your emotions !

Body expression will show you how to feel and express your emotions differently. You will learn different exercise sequences in rhythm, organizing them as you wish along the way, in order to connect with a different kind of language. 

The infinite movement possibilities at your disposal will make it fun to create and rediscover your body in a different way. Jumping, bending, stretching and other forms of physical performance will develop your understanding and awareness of each movement. According to your own energy level, assisted by our professional dancers, you will learn to express your unique personality and attain a poetic dimension of movement. Of course, these body expression classes mirror certain Sufi art techniques, such as zulfikar, which uses movement to pursue beauty and justice. 

Body expression develops coordination and rhythm while boosting creativity and imagination. 

You will become a better listener and learn to identify, modify and transcend life's challenges. 


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