In-home personal trainers in Paris, for a 50% tax reduction.

Momentum is a licensed personal service organization specializing in fitness and well-being. Momentum offers its know-how to amateur and professional athletes: our team includes former champions and competitors, as well as several physical preparation coaches in such various disciplines as tennis, English boxing, Thai boxing, MMA and fencing. 

Momentum personal trainers offers a selection of specialized athletic coaching services that make movement the top priority. Our thorough knowledge of top-level and competitive sports, paired with our solid experience in general and specific training, make us the perfect partner for trainers and athletes, whatever their needs and objectives. Our services are complete and perfectly adaptable to individual requirements. Our goal is to offer the best assistance and personal training available, based on your goals. Well-being and performance are the magic words! 

Our aim is to be your number one ally in achieving your physical objectives. 

Our government certification as a personal service provider lets us offer you a 50% tax reduction or, if you are not taxable,  a 50% expense reduction through tax credits.


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